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O-1 and P Visas for Artists Who Wish to Visit and Work in the US.

O and P Visas are “non-immigrant” visas for artists and performers to come to the US. These are not permanent visas. They last for a period of months or years, and can be renewed as many times as you wish. These visas cover artists in any field, although the P Visa is generally for athletes and artists on tour. Musicians, actors, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, designers, writers, film and television craftspersons, chefs, photographers, and any one else whose work is creative may be eligible for an O or P Visa.

If you are unsure whether your accomplishments make you eligible for an O-1 or P Visa, the attorneys at Dyer Harris LLP can evaluate your CV and portfolio, and provide you with personalized guidance on steps that you can take to enhance the record supporting your Petition or give you a recommendation to proceed.

To obtain an O or P Visa, a Petition must be filed on your behalf with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The Petition must include proof of your career as an artist and the public recognition you have received for your work.

Dyer Harris LLP prepares every aspect of your Petition, with precision and an eye to portraying your career in the most appropriate light for visa purposes. Once your Petition is approved, we are available to provide you with assistance in obtaining your Visa from a US Consulate.