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Green Card Petitions For Extraordinary Artists

If your goal is to live and work in the US permanently, an application for a Green Card under the EB 1-1 category for Artists of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts should be considered. The standard applicable to Petitions under EB 1-1 is high, but if your career as an artist has brought you significant acclaim, you may be eligible for a Green Card in this category.

The application process is similar to the O or P Visa Petition but generally it is more voluminous, detailed and complex. A Petition must be filed on your behalf with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The Petition tells your story in the form of a binder establishing your career as an artist and the public recognition you have received for your work.

Dyer Harris LLP prepares every aspect of your Petition, with precision and an eye to portraying your career in the most appropriate and compelling light.